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>ORANO >Matrix concrete storage modules NRC licence approved

Matrix concrete storage modules NRC licence approved

A railway shipment of 6.7 tons of Dutch used nuclear fuel arrived today at Orano’s railway terminal in Valognes (Manche region, France). This shipment left yesterday from the railway terminal located near the Borssele nuclear power plant in the Netherlands. The used fuel will be treated at Orano’s la Hague facility, before recycling.

This transport, operated by Orano TN, composed of three shipping casks of used fuel, complies with the applicable national and international regulations to guarantee a high level of safety and security. The type of cask used for the shipment is compliant with safety criteria defined by the International Atomic Energy Agency and is designed to protect people and the environment in all circumstances.

This used nuclear fuel arrival is related to a contract signed with EPZ in 2011 for the recycling of 216 tons of used fuel from the Borssele nuclear power plant. The corresponding intergovernmental agreement was published in 2013.

To date, since the first contract signed with EPZ in 1978, more than 365 tons have been delivered to the Orano la Hague plant and about 346 tons have already been treated.

The used fuel contains 96% of valuable energy materials that can be recycled through treatment-recycling operations. The 4% of ultimate waste will be vitrified for a safe and stable packaging before being returned to the Netherlands in accordance with French law. The metallic structure of used fuel will be compacted, and then also packaged for return to The Netherlands.