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New Development with Groundbreaking Specifications

During the last four years the Ahlberg Cameras electronic design team has been focused on developing the all new radiation tolerant color HD 720p CMOS APS sensor. Perfecting the design was a combination of extensive research, data analysis, prototyping and culminating in rigorous testing. The final protyping that was released and became a commercially available product during the spring of 2020 is a sensor that can handle 5 MRad in total dose and surpasses anything else in the market.

The additional camera electronics have also been designed to be high radiation tolerant which compliments the new sensor all of which is then controlled by a miniaturized camera control unit.

Our brand new color HD sensor can handle 50,000 Gy / 5,000,000 Rad total dose. To put this into perspective our new technology is about 100 times more radiation tolerant than a standard nuclear color HD camera currently available in the market today.

Test reports are available upon request fully documenting the performance of the new sensor.

The first camera that will be available for deliveries that includes the new sensor will be our Mini-Rad 30 HD. It is a mini camera with fixed focus but with the ability to have exchangeable lenses. In Q4 2020 there will be a release of the new Mini-Rad F30 HD that incorporates a motorized focus feature.

The Mini-Rad 30 HD camera series have a target segment where they are able to replace the old tube camera technology. Typical applications where we see definite advantages include, hot cells, belt line, and close up inspection of baffle bolts. The Mini-Rad 30 HD allows you to inspect high radiation and hard to reach areas such as set screws, shroud side jet pump and top guide welds, which until now could only be viewed by black and white tube cameras.

In 2021 further development and releases will include our new pan and tilt cameras also featuring the new sensor.