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The organization has established agreements with Renfe and Iberia from which those attending the 46th Annual Meeting of the Spanish Nuclear Society can benefit:

Reduction of roundtrip fares on trains


The Organizing Committee of the 46th ANNUAL MEETING OF THE SPANISH NUCLEAR SOCIETY has closed an agreement with RENFE with which it will grant a 30% discount to those attending the congress.


The congressmen who attend the Annual Meeting can benefit from a 30% discount on the roundtrip rates of all trains to Granada, referencing the corresponding authorization number that appears in the DOCUMENTATION menu of the congressman’s personal area.


The discount is valid on trips to Granada made from the 4 October to the 10 of October and it is mandatory to have the discount printed.

Preferred air carrier


IBERIA L.A.E. Preferred Air Carrier of the 46 ANNUAL MEETING OF THE SPANISH NUCLEAR SOCIETY by virtue of the agreement reached, will grant a 10% discount to those attending the congress.


To benefit from the discount, click on the Iberia logo or enter: http://WWW.IBERIA.COM


Once the round trip rate has been selected, click on the “I have a promotional code” section and include the discount code SENOCT2021 (in capital letters), bearing in mind that the trips are valid from 5 days before to 5 days after the dates of the event.


Valid for flights operated by:

Iberia 2

General information


Taxi company exclusively at the F.G.L Granada-Jaén Airport. The airport is served by taxis from the municipalities of Chauchina and Santa Fe - 622 354 756

Associations and companies of Taxis Granada city: Gremial del Taxi de Granada Tlf .: 958 280 654 | Radio Taxi Genil Tlf .: 958 13 23 23 | Granada VIP Taxis Tlf .: 958 17 09 90


Bus: transfer F.G.L Granada-Jaén airport to Granada. The company in charge of the Granada <-> Aeropuerto F.G.L bus service is ALSA. The Granada Airport bus is route 245. There is a stop at the Granada Conference Center. The duration of the trip is 45 min approx.

City buses - 900 710 900