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The European nuclear gamble

>>The European nuclear gamble

Join us at the upcoming edition of the Spanish Nuclear Society Annual Meeting and explore the ever-changing rules shaping the European nuclear industry. This plenary session will bring together top leaders in the field, addressing key topics ranging from the construction of new nuclear power plants to waste management and the nuclear fuel market in Europe.

We are honored to have distinguished speakers representing leading nuclear companies in Europe, including ENUSA Industrias Avanzadas, Framatome, General Electric (GE) Hitachi, and Westinghouse Electric Company (WEC). Furthermore, we are delighted to announce that the session will be moderated by Sama Bilbao, Director of the World Nuclear Association, who will provide her expertise and global insights.

Don’t miss this opportunity to stay informed about the latest trends and perspectives in the European nuclear industry. Join us for this plenary session, which promises to be an enriching experience and a meeting point for professionals across the sector.

Thursday, October 5
12.30 pm - 2.00 pm
Raquel Heredia
Luis Felipe Durán



Vicepresidente Ejecutivo de Mercados Globales y Director Comercial de WESTINGHOUSE. Dirige la estrategia comercial global para ofrecer soluciones integradas en toda la empresa y profundizar en las relaciones con los clientes. Se incorporó a Westinghouse y fue nombrado para este cargo en junio de 2022. Cuenta con más de 30 años de experiencia en la industria de la energía nucleary ha desempeñado funciones de liderazgo ejecutivo en Francia y Estados Unidos. En Areva Group, dirigió el Back-End Business Group y el desarrollo del negocio norteamericano. Anteriormente, trabajó Ecobilan, una innovadora empresa de nueva creación especializada en el análisis del ciclo de vida. Más recientemente, el Sr. Besnainou ha sido presidente de Kurion, Inc. y ha prestado servicios de consultoría ejecutiva y asesoramiento estratégico en los sectores energético y nuclear. Jaques Besnainou es licenciado en Matemáticas e Ingeniería por la École Polytechnique y posee un máster en Ingeniería y Política Pública por la École des Mines de París, ambas en Francia.

Executive Vice President, Global Markets and Chief Commercial Officer​ at WESTINGHOUSE

Rafael Ledesma is the Europe Commercial Regional Director for GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy (GEH) with over 30 years of experience in the nuclear sector. He acts as GEH Sales Executive being responsible to integrate all related Services, Fuels, and Advance Reactor business in the region. Previous to this role, for 23 years Rafael was responsible for the GEH Operations in Latin America managing complex multidisciplinary international projects, including the GEH - Hitachi Nuclear GE (HNGE) first deployment in America, Before joint GE, Rafael work for 10 years in the Mexican Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) in Mexico City, one year in the USA NRC Headquarters in Rockville, MD. Rafael earned a bachelor’s in science, physics and has completed all courses for master’s in sciences and for philosophical doctorate in nuclear physic at Mexico National University (UNAM). Also, Rafael became certified as Senior Reactor Operator Inspector by USNRC (Chattanooga, TN training center).

Europe Commercial Regional Director / GE HITACHI Nuclear Energy


Head of Uranium Supply and Business Development at ENUSA. With over 25 years of experience in the nuclear industry, she worked in ENUSA's Nuclear Engi-neering department for more than 10 years. In this role, she conducted nuclear design activities for European BWR nuclear power plants and led the licensing process for several new fuel designs. Since 2006, as the Director of Uranium Supply, she is in charge of purchasing natural uranium and associated services for the seven Spanish nuclear reactors. She manages supplier selec-tion and qualification, as well as the solicitation, evaluation, and negotiation of offers. Addi-tionally, she conducts Supply Chain Risk Analysis, contributes to the development of Strategic Analysis and Supply Policies, and is responsible for Market Intelligence. Furthermore, she ex-plores potential new business opportunities in the Procurement area. Lourdes Guzmán holds a Bachelor's degree in Physical Sciences and a Master's in Business Administration.

Head of Uranium Supply and Business Development at ENUSA


Raquel Heredia is a professional with over 12 years of experience in energy and sustainability. She currently works as Leadership & capacity development Programme Lead at the World Nuclear Association in the United States. Her responsibilities encompass program management and development, from conceptualization to implementation, ensuring alignment with industry needs and organizational pillars of connection, representation, information, and influence. Prior to her current role, she has built an excellent track record in various areas, including project management, data analysis, research, and consulting in communications and business development. Raquel is deeply committed to promoting diversity and inclusion within the energy industry, particularly in the nuclear sector, through her active participation in various volunteer organization boards. She is also a passionate advocate for STEAM careers among women and girls. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Sustainable Development Engineering with a specialization in Nuclear Energy from the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education in Mexico, and a Master's degree in Development Studies from the Institute of Development Studies in the United Kingdom.

Leadership & capacity development Programme Lead at World Nuclear Association (WNA)