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Europe changes its energy paradigm

>>Europe changes its energy paradigm

After two years of geopolitical instability, Europe is reconfiguring its energy strategy in favour of renewables and divided over nuclear energy. In this sesión, we will analyse the events that have impacted the oil and gas market, the strategy for implementing renewables, and the prospects for nuclear energy to understand how the European energy landscape has been reconfigured.

Europe has witnessed a series of geopolitical instabilities over the past two years, leading to a reconfiguration of its energy strategy. The EU has increasingly turned to renewable energy to reduce dependence on fossil fuels and tackle climate change.

World events have significantly impacted the oil and gas market in recent years. The market has been in constant flux, from the increase in US oil production to the decrease in oil demand during the COVID-19 pandemic. This has led to increased uncertainty in the European energy market.

The EU has implemented a more robust renewable energy deployment strategy in response to these uncertainties. In 2020, 33.2% of Europe’s electricity was generated from renewable sources, which is expected to continue to rise.

However, nuclear energy remains controversial in Europe and has divided EU member states regarding its use. While some countries, such as France and Hungary, invest in new nuclear power plants, others, such as Germany, gradually abandon this energy source.

In conclusion, Europe is in a period of energy transition and is working to reduce its dependence on fossil fuels and tackle climate change. A commitment to renewables has been critical to this strategy, but nuclear energy remains a contentious issue. Ultimately, Europe’s energy landscape will continue to evolve in line with global developments and the political and economic decisions taken by the EU and its member states.

Thursday, October 4
12.30 pm - 2.00 pm
Manuel Fernández Ordóñez
Isabel Viniegra Cabello



Senior Principal en AFRY Management Consulting. Javier Revuelta is a specialist in technical and economic management of the energy sector. He joined AFRY 10 years ago, where he leads the market modeling and regulation work for the Electricity practice, primarily serving as a market advisor in M&A processes and new developments. He worked for 8 years at Red Eléctrica de España, focusing on Electric System Operation and Planning, as well as International Consulting, where he was responsible for simulation models and studies on renewable integration, interconnections, and supply security. He holds a degree in Industrial Engineering from Comillas ICAI and an MBA from IN-SEAD Business School. He is a frequent speaker at conferences and author of technical and opinion articles.

Senior Principal AFRY Management Consulting

Industrial Engineer from the Polytechnic University of Madrid, specializing in Energy Techniques. After a period as a researcher and associate professor at the university, he joined Enresa in 1988, where he held various positions related to the management of spent fuel and high level waste. In 2008 he joined Endesa as deputy director of Engineering and Fuel Cycle of the General Directorate of Nuclear Energy and a year later to ANAV as head of Fuel, becoming in 2011 responsible for the Quality Group. Since 2012 he has been the general manager of ANAV and since 2020 he has been the president of the Paris regional center of the World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO).

Chairman of the Board of Governors of WANO Paris

Director General of the Association of Renewable Energies-APPA.

Director General of the Association of Renewable Energies-APPA

Director General of the Spanish Renewable Energy Association (APPA). APPA is an association that represents around 450 companies in the renewable energy sec-tor. González Moya is an industrial engineer with 20 years of professional experience, and a significant part of his career has been in the energy sector, working for companies such as Técnicas Reunidas and Gamesa Energía. He joined the Association in 2010 as the Technical Director and has been the General Director since 2015. He is also a board member of CIEMAT and a member of the Advisory Council of Electricity at CNMC and the Market Agents Committee of OMIE.

Manager of Waste and Decommissioning Management at Tecnatom