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Isaac Peral, the dream of innovation

>>Isaac Peral, the dream of innovation

The Annual Meeting will kick off with a lecture about Isaac Peral where we will be able to learn about the advances that this scientist, sailor, and military man from Cartagena brought to Spain.

We will do so with the help of Diego Quevedo Carmona, a Cartagena native who has developed his professional career in the Spanish Navy, who, in an entertaining talk, will detail how Isaac Peral has contributed to areas such as the navy and electricity supply to populations, as well as anecdotes and unknown details about his life that will not leave anyone unmoved.

Our speaker is a retired ensign and a specialist in submarines, and he has also had the opportunity to cultivate another of his great passions, research and outreach for Navy history and naval issues. He has collaborated with many magazines and media outlets, written books, and given lectures throughout Spain. In addition, he is a great collector of objects related to the life and work of Isaac Peral, having recently donated more than 200 items related to this figure to the Cartagena City Council for an exhibition that will soon open its doors in the house museum for the Cartagena inventor.


Wednesday, September 28
11.15 am - 12.00 am



Spain navy. Retired Navy Ensign and Submarine Specialist