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>Lourdes Guzmán

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Lourdes Guzmán

Head of Uranium Supply and Business Development at ENUSA. With over 25 years of experience in the nuclear industry, she worked in ENUSA's Nuclear Engi-neering department for more than 10 years. In this role, she conducted nuclear design activities for European BWR nuclear power plants and led the licensing process for several new fuel designs. Since 2006, as the Director of Uranium Supply, she is in charge of purchasing natural uranium and associated services for the seven Spanish nuclear reactors. She manages supplier selec-tion and qualification, as well as the solicitation, evaluation, and negotiation of offers. Addi-tionally, she conducts Supply Chain Risk Analysis, contributes to the development of Strategic Analysis and Supply Policies, and is responsible for Market Intelligence. Furthermore, she ex-plores potential new business opportunities in the Procurement area. Lourdes Guzmán holds a Bachelor's degree in Physical Sciences and a Master's in Business Administration.