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WiN Conference

Women in Nuclear Spain organizes a conference open to the entire Granada society where an expert in the conservation of Spanish cultural heritage will present this complex work, which is approached from an interdisciplinary perspective, and how the use of techniques with electromagnetic radiation enables research, conservation, and restoration of the assets that make up the Cultural Heritage. It is another way of showing how the use of radiation has other beneficial applications for society other than medical and energy.

The speaker will tell us in great detail, and from her professional experience, the degree of involvement of these techniques in the work of conservation and restoration of the heritage legacy. Then we will give way to a round of questions from the participants.

Under the theme “Application of Radiation in the Conservation of Cultural Heritage”, the conference will take place at the Palacio de La Madraza in Granada.

Speaker: Miriam Bueso Manzanas. Supervisora de la instalación radiactiva del Instituto del Patrimonio Cultural de España (IPCE). Ministerio de Cultura y Deporte
Presenter: Susana Falcón. Presidenta de WiN Spain

Tuesday, October 5 – 6.00 pm

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