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>>SNE Mentoring Program

SNE Mentoring Program

The Spanish Nuclear Society Mentoring Program has been held every year for five years within the framework of the Annual Meeting. The Employment and Professional Development Commission is committed to attracting and retaining talent within the sector, and that is why it holds different contests to discover it, namely: the best records for the country’s nuclear master’s degrees, the best Master’s Degree Final Projects, and the Talent Attraction Contest. The winners of these contests are invited by the SNE to the Annual Meeting and are also participants in this mentoring program.

The program is basically divided into three parts:

Before the Annual Meeting

During this period, virtual meetings will be held with the mentees to inform them about the program, what it consists of, and, above all, so that they get to know each other. Likewise, two streaming sessions on visibility and personal branding will be held in order to complete the program.

In addition, mentees will be able to ask questions that will be answered throughout the program.

During the Annual Meeting

During the Annual Meeting, mentees will be introduced to their respective mentors. They will also be challenged to get to know each other and collaborate.

After the Annual Meeting

During this period, the next steps of the program will be set, and they will discuss how to maintain contact and keep up to date with the nuclear sector. They will talk about the employment portal and the presentation of awards that will take place at the 2021 Operational Experience Conference, which will be held in 2022.