The organization offers a networking space and activities to facilitate communication and meetings between companies and/or participants during the 44th Annual Meeting. The services available during the meeting of Ávila and its conditions will be available soon in this website.

The organization offers a networking space to facilitate communication and meetings between companies and/or participants during the 43rd Annual Meeting. Listed below are the services available, along with their terms:

Promotional Presentations

01 Promotional presentations can only be made by sponsor and exhibit companies, and they will be completed in authorized areas within the commercial exposition. The speaker/speakers who present must be registered for the convention, as is also the case for technical presentations. The duration of the presentation will be 15 minutes. Promotional works do not require a written presentation and will not be published on the web. Proposals for presentations will be completed by following the instructions listed here

Rental of Rooms at the Trade Fairs and Congress Center of Malaga

02 The annual meeting organization makes the possibility of renting meeting rooms with capacity for 20 people available to participating companies and organizations for internal meetings. Rentals can be for full or half days and have the cost of 400 €/day and 200 €/half day. Rooms will have a table and chairs. Audiovisual media, catering service, and convention assistants can be contracted with the SNE in addition to the rental of the room itself, if desired. To request a room, you must send an email indicating the company, date or dates for the reservation, and if the rental is for a full day or half day. Rental payment will be made to the SNE, using a bank transfer, before September 8. 

Temporary Meeting Room Reservations

03 The 43rd Annual Meeting makes a meeting room available to companies during the entire convention. The room is free and will have a table and chairs, but no projection equipment. The room may be reserved for a maximum of one hour per day per company, although if no other reservations are requested, it could be occupied longer. Reservations will be granted until the available times are filled.

3.1 Reservation of a room before the annual meeting. To reserve a room before the Annual Meeting begins, you must send an email that includes the following: The subject must be: “Reservation Request for Meeting Room.”

The text of the message must include:

  • Name and last name(s), ID, Company, email and telephone for the contact responsible for the reservation.
  • Date and time requested.
  • Approximate number of people who will be meeting. Once the email has been received, the organization will confirm the reservation to the contact, or will propose another date and time, depending on availability. Reservations will be made in the order that they are requested.

3.2 Reservation of a room during the annual meeting. In the secretary’s office located at the convention center, there will be a person in charge of reservations and application forms. The person requesting the registration will complete the application form with as much notice as is possible and will turn it in to the secretary’s office, where the person in charge will confirm the reservation or will propose a new date and time, depending on availability.

Networking Hour

04 To strengthen the contact between companies participating in the 43rd Annual Meeting, the SNE is continuing the “Networking Hour” which was offered at the last annual meeting. The companies that wish to obtain support from the organization during the meeting to arrange interviews with other participating companies can go to the secretary’s office at the convention center where there will be a person in charge who will provide information and assist them in setting up a first meeting. Networking meetings are planned, unless there is another agreement made between parties, during the coffee breaks on Thursday, October 5 from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm and Friday, October 6 from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm.


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